Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Self massage equipment

Massage Information as shown at my self-massage workshops

If you have a disability it often can mean suffering with muscular pain.  This is worsening as we get older . Massage and other physical therapies, yoga and Pilates can often help and may be used in addition to, or instead of pain killers.

If  massage therapy is to expansive an option or you have difficulty getting out and about I have found these simple inexpensive self massage tools helpful to relieve muscle pain and restore movement function. There are many example of how to use them on Youtube channels so have a look around.
Be careful, used incorrectly or for too long at anyone session they can cause harm. Get some professional advice n how to use them at home from a sport therapist or physiotherapist.

Find a remedial massage therapist at Sports Massage Association

Self massage equipment 

These simple massage tools will help you if you wake with tight muscles or when you cannot get to a massage therapist.  Using massage tools can allow you to relax the muscles and improve circulation.

Use these products when wearing one layer of clothing to protect the skin.  Use for no more than 5 minutes at a time.

Spiky Balls
Available in different sizes for different muscles. 
10cm blue ball is for use on the back,
8cm yellow ball for the arms and lower legs
6cm orange  ball for massaging the hands and feet.

Place between shoulder blades, under bottom muscles under feet, and roll back and forth, when you feel a tight spot push slowly and hold for a few seconds and the muscle may relax

 From £1.99

Foam rollering

Foam Rollers -  If you find these difficult to use for self massage, use two foam rollers to support the back.
Foam roller with a disability

The basic white foam rollers are all you need £9.95

Blackroll double ball roller, great for relaxing muscles in the arm to help with wrist pain and to relieve tired arm muscles from wheelchair work strain £15.00

Blackroll double ball

Massage chairs
Sit down and relax and let the electronic massage relax your back muscle.

We like the Homedics brand available on Amazon, look out for their special offers.   Use every day to keep aches and pain at bay.
back massage chair

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