Tuesday, 25 August 2009

How to give a pedicure

This pedicure can be administered to your own feet or to someone else’s.

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To prepare the feet for a pedicure soak in warm water for 5 minutes, use essential oils for added benefit.
The receiver should be sitting comfortably.
Start by cutting the toes nails preferably using nail clippers.
Cut the nail in as straight a line as possible. The little toes can often have a horny build up that makes them slightly more difficult to cut.
Use am emery board file to remove any coarse edges from the cut nails, file in a side to side movement.
Apply cuticle softener to soften and dissolve excess dry skin on the nail plate.
Use a hoof stick with a gentle but firm rotating movement on each nail, gently pressing back the cuticle on each toe nail helping to lift the cuticle away from the nail and expose more of the nail, making it easier and providing a greater surface area when applying nail varnish.
With cuticle clippers trim away any loose skin, pay particular attention to areas of the feet affected by footwear, unsightly pieces of skin can be carefully snipped off. The little toe is often a problem area that regular pedicures can easily improve.
Massage the excess cuticle cream into the nail.
Now using a pumice or dry skin remover gently rub over the hard skin areas of the feet to reduce and soften the build up of hard skin.
After preparing the toe nails and removing hard skin apply a rich softening moisturiser to the feet and lower legs, start by stroking the lower leg and foot gently but firmly in an upward motion, sliding back down towards the toes. Use thumb pressure in between the metatarsals, (the area between the toes and ankles).
Pulling and squeezing of each toe improved circulation and individual joint toe flexibility.
Finish the massage with effeurage.
Massage of the feet help to improve poor circulation, encouraged hard skin removal and helps to soften and moisturise the overall texture of the skin.
Next use nail varnish remover to wipe over the surface of the nail to remove excess oil and give a clean surface for application of nail varnish.
Use a toe separator for ease of nail varnish application.
Apply a base coat to the nail, base coat provides some protection from varnish induced discolouration of nails and gives a smooth foundation. Allow 2-3 minutes for it to dry.
Apply the chosen nail varnish colour starting with the big toe and finishing at the little toe. Place the brush at the base of the toe nail and end at the tip of the nail, try to apply the varnish in as few strokes as possible for a smooth finish. A first coat may appear slightly blotchy, this with even out on the application of the second coat. Allow 3 minutes to dry.
The second coat of nail varnish will give a smooth and more even appearance.
Try to avoid getting any nail varnish on the surrounding skin, however if this happens use a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover to get rid of it. Allow the nail varnish to dry for 3 minutes.
Finally use a top coat, this is a clear finish and protects the nail varnish from chipping. Allow to dry for as long as possible. I recommend an hour at least before putting socks or stockings over the nails
Now Enjoyfeet!

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