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How To Give A Facial Massage Using Feet

How to give a Face Massage with Feet

To massage the face using the feet is unusual and does require dexterity and flexibility of the foot, hip, knee and toe.

The face holds a lot of tension and giving a face massage is a particularly pleasurable experience. Some people have an aversion to feet so this is not for them, some have a foot fetish and they might find this a very sensual experience, most people will just find it relaxing.

I do not recommend using oil to massage the face, the feet will not be pushing the skin around, but using gentle pressing and tiny rotational movements, feeling the skin rubbing against the small muscles of the face. The toes should be lifted and reposition to move over the face.

Make sure the feet are clean, smooth and the toe nails are short. Moisturise the feet so they will move over the face easily.

The person who is receiving the massage should be lying on a comfortable mat on the floor with the rest of their body covered to keep them warm and comfortable. I move my work stool, which is wide and does not make the receiver feel hemmed in to a position just beneath the chest of the receiver, my feet are easily able to reach the top of their head. Alternatively in my practice I work from above the head, please watch the video provided to see how this works, this is less intrusive for the client.

The face is a delicate part of the body it is possible to use two feet at a time if you have very strong abdominal and quadriceps muscles but I would not advise it for safety reasons.

For face massage using feet I will describe each movement, repeat as required and change feet after completing the routine on one side of the face or after each action, depending on your abilities and the receiver’s feedback.

Cup the instep of both feet around the chin and jaw bone and stroke up wards toward the top of the head.

Put the right foot to the side of the receivers head, touching the head and supporting it, this prevents the head from moving.

Place the big toe of the left foot on the receiver’s forehead just right of the centre and just above the eyebrow, make sure the toe is not pointing down into the skin but lays flat onto the skin. Use gently press and release movements up the natural line of the forehead until the hairline is reached (about four individual movements should do it).

Use the same technique and work outwards towards the temple. When you feel the temple indentation use the toe pad in a circular motion or the side of the toe using a cycling action to give a sensation of rotation. The side of the ball of the foot can also be used here.

From the temple, depending on the flexibility of the hips, turn the knees outwards and use the flat underside of the toe to continue the circular rotational movement down along the jawbone to the chin. If this is difficult use the side of the toe.

Move the toe back to the eyebrow starting from the bridge of the nose and work along the eye brow out to the corner of the eye, gently pressing just under the bone. Do not pull the skin. Use the same technique this time working carefully around the eye socket under the eyes.

Place the big toe at the side of the nose and gently press slowly out under the cheek bone finishing at the ear with rotational movements to finish.

Gently massage the earlobe between your big toe and second toe pull ears very gently, then use the big toe to moving around and up to the top of the ear. This is a difficult area and trial and error and communication with the receiver is the only way to learn.
Pressing the big toe around the upper and lower lip area is very sensual experience for some people and is not advisable within a professional client /therapist setting.
I have worked with clients on various techniques and whilst the ball and /or the heel of the foot can be used to gently rotate in the hollow of the cheek, check with the receiver that their feelings on this technique. This is nicely done if seated behind the head of the receiver, rest toes on thier shoulders and use the heels around the cheek area, this gives more control and less effort, when you become practiced at this you may be able to feel the tension held in the face under your heels

Use both feet in a cupping hold, place at each side of the head with the instep of the foot over the ears and glide slowly down, turning the feet to rest the instep on the shoulders of the receiver, let them rest there for a couple of seconds and then remove.

Pictures, exerts from our DVD and other information is available from our web site, please feel free to visit us and contact us if you have any questions.


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