Saturday, 11 April 2009

Abdominal Massage using Feet by Enjoyfeet

Abdominal massage or stomach massage using feet is an easy way to massage and very relaxing for the receiver.

Here is a clip from my how to massage using feet DVD that was shown on u-tube but has been removed for some reason. It had over 40,000 hits and was appreciated by many people.

Many people have upper limb disabilities or upper body weekness that prevents them from using their hands, this method of massage does not strain the massage therapist in any way, it is a real no hands massage technique. Check out my other blogs for more DVD clips and technical advice. enjoyfeet..thats what they are there for!

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  1. Hi there,

    I was bought your Enjoyfeet video as it is well known that I love feet too! I also do reflexology to share that love with other people who appreciate their feet.

    I must say that your feet are fantastic!

    The video is presented is a very professional and wonderfully relaxing way.

    I just wish I lived closer so I could experience them myself! Perhaps you know someone in Manchester who would like to practice the massage with me?? I'm keen to make some foot friends!

    Please keep in touch. I'll have another look at your website but maybe a forum would be a nice idea for people to enjoy feet or talk about the massage?

    Steve :)

  2. Great post, thanks for the video, it;s really very nice!


  3. nothing feels better than soft sexy female feet massaging a male stomach

  4. I love a soft pretty foot caressing my stomach would love to know someone who would do it to me.

  5. i would to have some pretty soft feet on my belly,hope to meet a woman to do that to me.

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