Friday, 13 March 2009

Foot on Foot Massage

How to Massage the front of the foot using feet

I use my feet to massage feet, they are very effective but it requires some dexterity of the toes. I am going to explain how to do this in simple English so anyone can give it a go.

First I oil my feet so they run smoothly over the body. All my clients lie on the floor to be treated and I sit on a chair or the floor depending on the angle of their feet. My clients choose to lie on their front or back and I can give a foot massage from either position. Today I am going to talk about massaging the sole of the foot.

I start with sweeping slow movement from the heel of the client, I use the whole of my foot, applying gentle pressure with the ball of my foot and following through with the heel of my foot to the toe of their foot. I repeat this slowly a few times. I can use my other foot to bend their toes back to give their foot a good stretch. I then turn my foot at right angles to that of my client and repeat the sweeping motion from their heel to their toe. This puts the softer part of my instep against their instep and the major joints of their foot and is a gentle relaxing movement, rocking back and forth, instep to instep.

I then use my heel to massage their instep if the foot, rubbing it slowly back and forwards, with small quarter rotations and moving from the outer edge of the foot to the inner edge. I repeat this rocking stoking movement a few times and check that the client is happy with the pressure. Using my toes I begin to press the sole of the foot, checking for any specific areas of tenderness, for example in the plantar fascia, I use both feet for this, two big toes at a time, cupping the foot with my feet to support it as I go.

I press and release with my toes over the whole area of the sole of the foot and in between the joints of the toes.

Then I run my big toe and my second toes down the length of their individual toes pressing and squeezing slowly as I go and finally gently pulling the toe away from the foot. This does require dexterity and is not necessary if you want to give a relaxing foot massage. You can repeat any of these movements as required.

It is important to attend to the leg and ankle when giving a foot massage but I shall right about that another time. There are pictures of leg massage on my site.

Check all the feet for signs of verrucas and infections before starting and avoid if unsure.

Be gentle with each others feet to start, the foot is very strong and the power behind it needs to be controlled.
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This video clip is from our DVD and illustrates the front of the foot massaged by feet.

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  1. Foot massage is really very cool, I am truly impressed!